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After Henry Waxman stunned the political world by announcing his retirement on January 30, 2014, I (along with 17 others) jumped into the race to succeed him in California's 33rd Congressional District. It was a sprint to a June 3 primary. In the end, there was too little time, too steep a hill, and too crowded a field for a first-time candidate to make it through to the general election.

We did our best, however, to bring energy and ideas to the race. I was honored to earn the endorsement of the Los Angeles Times, and humbled by the generosity of supporters who contributed $800,000 to our campaign in just three months.

Below are highlights from the press coverage of the campaign, the policy proposals we put out, and other materials (including our campaign song). The Politico post-mortem I did on the race, "Mr. Miller Doesn’t Go To Washington," aims to give folks a tangible feel for what it’s like to run for Congress today.



TV ad

Campaign song

Matt Miller—A Different Choice

A Different Choice—The Bloopers Reel

"Organic Politics with Matt Miller"

Policy plans

(following links all open to pdf documents)

Health care


Climate Change

Campaign finance reform


Photo gallery

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