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A bonus song on the British election...
It's Cameron!, May 13, 2010

(To the tune of Camelot)

Old Gordon was too dour, so he must go.
Nick Clegg was just a dress you might try on.
The banks are bust and debt is set to crush, so
It's Cameron!

The Tory said he loves the NHS so
And loves the poor and wants them to get on,
And they're too broke for tax cuts for the rich, so
It's Cameron!

Cameron, Cameron
His faux compassion will go far.
For with Cameron, Cameron
It's proof how mad the British are

The Cons and Lib Dems say they'll work together.
The lion and the lamb once tried that, too.
In short, this deal won't last.
A fresh vote looms, and fast.
It's gridlock, drift and make-believe with Da-vid Ca-me-ron